United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is rich in cultural heritage; it offers landscapes of outstanding natural beauty, its National Parks have an emphasis on sustainability and conservation. Tourism is rising with 40 million international visitors this year. From the 1,000 years of history of the Tower of London to the unique Giant’s Causeway clifftops in Northern Ireland, to enchanting castles in Scotland.

Our vegan tours in the UK

Great Britain is where we know best, as that is where our team are all from. We have travelled every corner. Being an island you are always within striking distance of seaside resorts and clifftop walks, which fill my childhood memories. For climbers, the three peaks are each spectacular with tons of activities in each region. Scotland has the highest peak, with Ben Nevis in the heart of Harry Potter land. Snowdon is the next highest in North Wales, the national park has just been named the most beautiful in all of Europe. Then Scafell Pike, is in the Lake District which alone attracts 15 million visitors each year. Scotland is where we go every year and there is fierce competition between Glasgow and Edinburgh for who has the best vegan restaurants.

Vegan Tours

We have started in the UK by adding a tour in Scotland. We are planning to add 2 more tours. One will be along the south coast of England from the vegan mecca of Brighton, all the way to Cornwall. The next will be from London to Wales, stopping off at Oxford to visit Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter and ending in Pembrookshire along the famous coastal walk.

Where and when we go depends upon demand, so be sure to get in touch.

Vegan UK

How vegan friendly is the UK?

The UK has long been leading the way, since the start of the Vegetarian Society in 1849 and has a long history of trail blazing restaurants. The number of vegans has quadrupled over the last five years and is among the top ranked destinations. There has been a long history of animal activism, especially against fox hunting. There are now events and festivals in all the major cities. Plant based diets have gone mainstream with the majority of the population becoming interested in the lifestyle and reducing their animal consumption.

Vegan restaurants and cafes

The quality of the cuisine, has undergone an astronomical transformation, thanks largely to the many cultural influences. London is the fifth largest city where French people are living. There are 14 Michelin Guide vegan restaurants. The national dish is curry. London has seen an explosion in the number of new vegan restaurants, though it is far from being the leader. When looking at the number of inhabitants per vegan restaurant, Norwich comes top of the list. Then Glasgow and Edinburg are in next place. All places have a good selection. Most of the mainstream chains have introduced vegan options. From fine dining, to junk food you will be able to easily find what you are craving.

Vegan friendly accommodation

There are lots of options, especially in the mainstream chains and higher end hotels, who will often have a vegan menu ready for you, though it's always best to book meals ahead of arriving.

Because we travel in a group it's easier to negociate and ensure that it's going to be a true vegan fine dining experience and not just salad, with grated carrots and a lettuce leaf.

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