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Unlock our most joyful life – from deliciously simple whole foods plant-based (wfpb) recipes to tips on yoga, meditation, manifestation and mindset.

I help people to achieve their goals so that they can live the life of their dreams.

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Love: the most powerful emotion in the universe.

Vegan: peace, in action.

Living: LIVE to the full. No excuses.

Weight Loss


Are you feeling stuck and powerless to handle your weight and health no matter what you tried in the past?

What if I told you you could feel empowered to be the person you want to see reflected in the mirror and stress less about handling your nutrition around your busy life?  Through my coaching services, you can finally take action and use the tools I teach to become healthier and live a long life avoiding lifestyle diseases, while also building a positive relationship with food.

No more forbidden foods once you gain confidence in your eating habits enabling you to sustain your results for life. best of all you'll never feel like you are dieting ever again!


Psychologist. Counsellor. 👑😀 Author. Vegan 🍇 /Film maker/Designer.

Fitness, Wellness & Nutrition Coach. Writer & Presenter. A 200lbs weight loss. Vegan 🌱

Holistic Wellness🇳🇬🇧   🌿

Nourishing recipes mostlyplants  

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Healdance is a dancercise class designed for adults with ailments, but everyone else is also welcome. It contains low-impact dance parts mixed with chair exercises, stretching and mindfulness.   

Healdance is adapted for people of all ages and all medical conditions. We never jump, squat or lay down and we take a rest on chairs whenever we want.

One session of Healdance lasts 60 min and it has 4 different parts: DANCE 1, EXERSICES, DANCE 2 and RELAX.

Online Session

Why not try Healdance from the comfort of your home?

With our live online classes, you can enjoy all the benefits of a Healdance class, including the teacher's personalized attention and guidance, as well as interaction with other students.