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The oldest and largest vegan society, since 1944. This site is dedicated to promoting veganism around the world, through providing tons of content about: going vegan, get involved, lifestyle, business and much more.

Here to celebrate all the benefits of choosing a vegan lifestyle, or a plant based diet, and to be dynamic advocates for change in the world. We want you to enjoy the great offers from our many vegan partners. Dedicated to the vegan diet and lifestyle, together, we are determined to help you celebrate too.

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🌿Passionate about veganism & animals 📸Snaps from vegan food outings!!!!!!!!! 🥕

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Fulfil your wellbeing potential. while caring for our planet.  Consciously caring for our mind, body and spirit is the key to a healthy and happy life in harmony with nature.   What is your consciousness telling you?

Are you ready to take responsibility for your own wellbeing?

Do you want to live healthier and happier, in balance with the environment?

🥕 Vegan community cookery school

🍓 Plant power to the people

🌶 Food support & cooking classes

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An information service company assisting individuals on their path to vegan lifestyle.    How to go vegan with minimal effort, in a lasting and healthy way. I’ve followed a vegan diet for more than thirty years, so I can offer tons of useful advice. By the time you finish reading, you’ll know exactly how to move forward.

Where Brands and Fans Unite.

Followers are brands biggest fans, promoting products on Twitter/Instagram by playing games.

Promote alternative plant based materials rather than cut down trees 🥳🎁💖 

World of organic, vegetarian, vegan, eco directory and shop.

Find your local business and get your business listed.

Author, journalist and vegan activist.

She studied English Literature at the University of Sussex and has written for The BBC, The Times, HuffPost, The Independent, New European, SUITCASE Magazine, Town & Country, ThinkProgress, Salon, Food Republic and many others.

In 2016 Selene quit her job to travel and write, and in 2017, after becoming aware of the horrors of animal agriculture, she made the switch to veganism, and began working to shed light on the realities of the meat, dairy and egg industries. She has appeared on BBC Sunday Morning Live, The One Show and Channel 5 to discuss veganism and public attitudes towards it, and has written about these issues for The BBC, The Independent, The Sunday Times, The Evening Standard, The New European, and The Telegraph.

Selene’s first book was published by Penguin Random House in 2019 under a pseudonym, and her second book, YES VE-GAN! was published by Octopus Publishing Group, part of Hachette Media, in January 2020. An inspiring and positive call to action, YES VE-GAN! provides expert guidance for the growing number of people seeking to live a kinder and more sustainable life. You can find Selene on Twitter and Instagram.

Lifestyle Magazines

Plant Based News is an award winning resource featuring a wealth of  plant-based content. It is packed with vegan news, blogs, reviews, and more.

Vegan kind offers subscription boxes for vegans on a monthly basis. These boxes include the latest new snacks and treats for vegans.

Our aims are to make vegans laugh and to make people who are not vegan question their beliefs around animal exploitation.

We also want to showcase other plant based vegan content.

Vegan magazine website, offering great content about lifestyle changes, recipes, restaurants, travel locations and more.

Easy vegan comfort food recipes.

Looking at the wider issue of a compassionate lifestyle, this magazine has a wide readership and newsletter reach.   A large professional staff, providing information from around the world. Livekindly means to live in a way which shows appreciation to our humanity, our home and those who share it with us.

Vegan news website, sharing latest news info about veganism around the UK.

Vegan news website, dedicated to providing the latest vegan related news and tips on many subjects: Nutrition, recipes, fitness, beauty and more.

Damaris - Sustainable Living

"Every sustainable and ethical choice you make DOES matter!" Follow for beginner sustainable tips.

Anna provides an alert take on all things veganism, animal rights, sustainability, diversity, equity, and inclusion and health.  Alert Kiwi is here to invite readers to make more compassionate, informed and healthier choices one page at a time. 

Meeting People

Veggly is the world’s number 1 vegan dating app and helps you in finding your Veg-Love. Veganism is not a diet: it’s a whole set of values that many vegans find a must have in a partner.

Nature & Environment

I'm a parent who, like most, worries about the future we're leaving our kids. That's why I, Kaz Bishop, decided to start Green Up Britain, a non-profit company built to share with those who are ready to take climate action.

Only established in 2021, we're now a team of women who are working hard to restore nature and reduce UK carbon emissions.

 We're regularly hold fundraising events, company- or community-tree planting days, and are constantly researching ways to work with others to restore vital habitats. 

Become An Earth Companion! Why? Well, After All... Saving One Animal May Not Change The World, But It Will Change The World For That One Animal 🙂

Hi! My name is Ed and I am determined to make a change not just for me, but for the wonderful creatures and human beings around us everyday. You can do this by buying a membership worth £2 a month where you will have access to exclusive discount codes on a variety of vegan products. A portion of your membership money will go towards the four pillars that I believe will help the animals and the planet! Become an Earth companion today


Let us join together as true equals. We can use our individual unique gifts in a cooperative effort to depollute and regenerate the Earth in preparation for the birth of the Butterfly (Homo Ahimsa) stage of humanity.

We believe a different future is possible for people and nature.

Rewilding & restoring our ecosystems in Britain so that nature and people can thrive.

Working with the global community to protect species and ecosystems under threat.

Fauna & Flora International's aim is to create a sustainable future for the planet, where endangered species are effectively conserved by the people who live closest to them, with the support of the global community.

To achieve this, we act to conserve threatened species and ecosystems worldwide, choosing solutions that are sustainable, based on sound science and take into account human needs.

Fauna & Flora International's work spans across the globe, with over 140 projects in more than 40 countries, mostly in the developing world.

Europe's largest conservation organisation, with huge - and incredibly varied - responsibilities. We protect and welcome everyone to explore and enjoy some 709 miles of coastline, 250,000 hectares of land of outstanding natural beauty, 104 nature reserves, 6 World Heritage Sites. 

Beach Cleanups

An international, one planet #greensockmovement is being launched for people to share their environmental good deeds. Deeds completed by good people who, with positive energy, gave their time, labour and skills freely for the environment. This can be anywhere on this world, whilst wearing green socks.... (or at least one green sock).

WarmNorm of BHASSEXPLORE was given his green socks by a friend whose son had abandoned them as he left the family home for University. This occurred on June the 21st this year and coincided with the summer solstice, the fledgling days of BHASSEXPLORE as a collective cooperative.

Food Sharing

The #1 Free Sharing App

Join 5M OLIOers giving away food & more to their neighbours. Fighting #FoodWaste. 💚

Youth Projects

We support people to smash stereotypes

From football matches to holiday play schemes, youth clubs to outreach work, we want to reach every young person who may need us.  

While bringing people together through our activities, we can provide advice, guidance and information to meet the needs of young people who come through our door.