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Your partner in compassionate, plant powered parenting.

This website is designed to make it quick and easy to research every aspect of raising a vegan family:

from having a healthy vegan pregnancy, and caring for your vegan baby, to entertaining your vegan children. It is informed by my background and training in: childcare, education, veganism, sustainability and social justice, as well as my own experiences of being a vegan mother.

Family friendly vegan cafes, restaurants and accommodation for vegan babies, vegan toddlers and vegan children. Family friendly places in the Lake District, London and UK.

Cafes with play areas, toys, books, high chairs and baby nappy changing facilities. BnBs and hotels with family rooms.

Follow Ollie the Oviraptor on his journey to veganism after realising going plant based is a much kinder way of life.

Children will resonate with Ollie and be filled with confidence after seeing the difference veganism made to Dinoland.

They will feel powerful and brave enough to spread the message too and be proud of being meat free just like Ollie.

Art Therapy Coloring Book for people dealing with grief from the loss of a pet.

“For the Love of Willy, Overcoming Sadness After Losing a Beloved Pet” by Nancy Addison is a non-fiction art therapy coloring story-book that addresses the love of a pet, grief of losing a pet, sadness, and some advice on what you can do to move through the loneliness, and regain a new sense of joy.

The book is the story of a lady, Rose, who has to give up a pet. She is challenged with the loneliness and grief that results. Friends of the lady, Rose, give some helpful advice that helps Rose regain joy and happiness in her life, while reflecting on her pet with more positive memories.

Nancy’s emotional information is easy to understand. Her approach is restorative, easy, and accessible.

Series of softback children's picture book.

32 pages. 260mm x 215mm

Age range 3-8 years old.

FREE shipping in the UK.

Children's Health

Smiley Minds inspires kids to be cool, calm and kind. We believe all children can be smart with heart!

Here your little ones are free to explore fun rhyme time stories, soothing relaxation stories, empowering mindfulness practices, uplifting songs, and wise words that make them feel good. Everything Smiley Minds does is purely positive, harmless and good.

Founder and non-denominational Meditation Teacher, Maggie Richards, is very grateful to have been guided to share with the children the simple teachings and techniques that have transformed her life so deeply.

This channel is also home of #LiliLoves. Lili is Maggie's fluffy white cat who, unusually for a feline, loves trying new foods! We hope she inspires kids to try lots of yummy, healthy new things too.

Check out our meditation albums, sweet relaxation stories, free stickers and more

An exciting educational initiative supported by and supporting educational professionals interested in encouraging the teaching of empathy from a vegan perspective.

The vegan way of life has widely recognised benefits for the planet, human health and social justice as well as being an active expression of compassion towards all sentient beings with whom we share the earth.

Our aim is to provide children and young people with the knowledge and skills to critically think about the way we define and use animals and inter-related health, social justice and environmental issues. This teaching will enable them to develop their own moral values and flourish as empathetic and ethically responsible citizens.

We will create and recommend materials for teachers concerned with encouraging empathy, compassion, good health and sustainable choice-making in their students. These resources will align with schools existing goals in educating children and blend easily into established subject areas, enhancing the content already provided. empowers all to be heroes to all species, opening hearts, minds to the impact our choices have. Education project by AnimalHerokids

Vegan children's books author. Travel blogger

Dragana holds a PhD in humor theory and stand-up comedy and has worked as a TV presenter and a cultural program producer. Dragana is also a professor of literature and has launched drama workshops that foster a sense of humor in children. Her children’s books promote animal rights and empathy toward all animals while encouraging creative thinking to dispel the various prejudices that exist in the modern world.

Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots programme is about making positive change happen – for our communities, for animals and for the environment. With tens of thousands of young people in over 60 countries, the Roots & Shoots network branches out across the globe, connecting youth of all ages who share a common desire to help make our world a better place. This powerful, youth-driven network fosters a fun, flexible and supportive environment where young people come together to share ideas and inspiration, implement successful community service projects and participate in special events and international campaigns.


Here to support plant-based pregnancies (UK) 🌱🤰

Green Seed aims to empower pregnancies and parents with science-led nutritional guidance on vegan and plant-based lifestyles, so that they are able to raise healthy families with confidence. 🌱💚🍏🥝

Pregnant vegans, vegan parents-to-be and vegan breastfeeders – this site is all for you!

We’re exploring all of your needs to be your best pregnant vegan self!

Why do pregnant vegans need extra information and support?

The world’s largest organisation of nutritionists has confirmed that a vegan diet can be perfectly healthy for pregnancy and beyond. However, no matter how many professional bodies and nutritionists support the idea of a fully vegan pregnancy, the truth is that people do have strong feelings about both veganism and pregnancy.

This means that even experienced vegans may encounter doubt, hostility, skepticism and even bullying or abuse on their pregnancy journey.

Having high-quality information to hand can help enormously when your ethical choices are belittled or doubted while you are trying to do your best for both your baby and for animals.