Stunning Scotland

1,950 €

7 nights / 8 days


Day 1: Edinbourg - St. Andrews

We start the trip in the Scottish capital, a city that currently retains its picturesque alleys with smokestacks, giving that touch of antiquity that reveals what was

the life of the Scots during the Middle Ages. We continue going up the coast until we get to St. Andrews, a quiet and small city very popular in tourism because of the ruins of the castle of Saint Andrews, an ideal attraction for

memorable photographs. We will be able to explore this fishing village full of magic and history. Here you will see the oldest university in Scotland.

Can you imagine walking through the streets of its illustrious and famous students?

After admiring St. Andrews, it is time to continue discovering movie locations. That's why we decided to take you to Glen Clova, a magical valley where you breathe peace and good energy.

Its flowers and birds provide a magnificent view. Here we will spend the night and enjoy a

Delicious welcome dinner.

Day 2: Glen Clova - Culloden

Our morning starts between pine forests and green hills. We go out touring the charming castles full of history and splendid galleries. Those that still have their imposing facade and

tunnels loaded with chilling legends. We continue our walk and this time we will visit the house of Queen Isabel. Can you imagine deciphering the legend that they tell of their house? Here we will find many surprises.

Have you ever been on a battlefield? Yes, as in the movies!

Culloden invites us to remember one of the main battles on British soil that took place on April 16, 1746. Here we will visit the main tombstones of the clans and troops of the battle. In addition, we will know the visitor centre, an interactive space where you will experience an immersive experience of conflict feeling part of the battle with almost real effects.

We end our day in Inverness where we relax and will be our place of accommodation for the next 2 nights.

Day 3: Inverness

Would you like to wake up with a panoramic view and surrounded by natural wonders?

We know it! During our tour we have had an unstoppable schedule so we decided to give

you a free day. This is all yours! Do you know where to start?

We invite you to discover the centre of Inverness by contemplating on the way its old buildings, then you can go shopping in the Victorian market or take a tour of Inverness

Castle. Although the local government has some offices in the building and you cannot visit, you can promenade through its beautiful gardens and make some good pictures.

One option for hanging out is to take a walk on the very charming and pleasant Ness River. Surely if you are lucky you will see a salmon jump! So be attentive!

Day 4: Inverness - Loch Ness - Plockton

Ever heard of the legend of Loch Ness monster?

If you still don’t know it, it is time to tell it while we admire the majesty of this lake considered the second deepest of Scotland.

Time to eat! Our appetite takes us to the next stop in Plockton, a small town with unreal landscapes typical of a storybook. It contains a sea-lake ideal for capturing amazing photos.

Ah! We almost forgot to tell you that if you see around hairy cows, you are not dreaming! They are real! You will be impressed to see them.

Our day ends on the Isle of Skye where we spend the following 2 night

Day 5: Isle of Skye

Today we will have the immense responsibility of taking you to know the Isle of Skye, full of beautiful scenes of green mountains and long valleys. If you love nature, you are probably in the ideal place for hiking. Then we will find the right

spot to enjoy the great view of Kilt Rock waterfall. It is awesome!

Do you fancy something to eat? It is time to take you to pamper your palate in the village of Skye where we will share some food together.

Day 6: Fort William

We leave early for Fort William, the land of the giant Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the United Kingdom. It has a height of 1,345 m. Can you imagine hiking and having a view of the whole city?

Or what if we take a ride on the steam train that transported Harry Potter to Hogwarts? You will love Fort William, we will be able to take a look at the different gastronomic places to taste its magnificent culinary secrets. How about toasting with whiskey in a recognized pub in the city?

We end the day with a ferry ride to the Isle of Mull, which will be our home for 2 nights

Day 7: Isle of Mull – Isle of Iona

Undoubtedly, the Isle of Mull is full of surprises, because you have everything in one place,

green meadows, impressive waterfalls and of course, great beaches!.

Now, it's time to take a ferry ride to Lona Island. Located in the heart of the Scottish


Many travellers express that their rocks are the oldest of the earth and possess energy

generating changes in the mind and in the human body.

You have to live it!

We return to Mull and prepare to return to the past, what if we travel to the thirteenth

century? Considered the time of clans and tartans.

We will discover Duart Castle, which was home to a prominent clan: his name was McLean.

In the castle we will cross the chilling dungeons, mysterious corridors and halls.

We will also enjoy tea!

Finally, we will return to our hotel for dinner together.

Day 8: Stirling - Edinburgh

Oh, Scotland, how much learning and pleasure! It has been days full of history and imposing landscapes, ideal time to enjoy our last tour in Stirling considered the ancient capital of the

Scottish Kingdom. We will walk through its streets and old stone buildings to reach the historical centre and take advantage of taking a good group photo.

We will see the incredible Stirling Castle recognized worldwide as one of the most important in the UK for its history and brilliant architecture. It's also time to tell us what you thought the trip.

We finish our journey in Edinburgh, thanking you for your trust and for choosing us as your first choice in tours.

We are sure to see you again!