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Our products are made from organic cotton and printed in the UK in a renewable energy powered factory.

Do you know that every 365 days 100 billion new textile products are made while tons of clothes are burned or buried in the garbage every second? That's why we take the waste material at the end and make new products from it at the start, it changes everything! That's what we do.

Our product is recyclable! We make new products from the material we recover, and the cycle itself is renewable. Our products are designed to be returned and remade, new from old. Remill is our fully recycled t-shirt line! A pure material makes remanufacturing possible, and means softer products, and not harmful to the environment.

Not only Remill tees but every product is designed to be sent back to us any time when it is worn out.

Return it to us, you will get £5 store credit, the shipping is free!

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Your visual means to raise animal welfare awareness.

Our mission is to improve the lives of all animals. Our visual designs are focused on raising awareness about the ongoing animal cruelty. We use 100% vegan & eco-friendly providers and we specifically select sustainable methods of production and shipping.  

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In 2013 the founders of Wilby decided to create a UK made vegan fashion range specialising in the 'clutch' handbag. These were to be animal free products that are certified for legitimacy as well as being eco sensitive and environmentally aware. The aim was (and still is) to create a vegan fashion brand that is both ethical and fashionable for the consumer. The consumer can be safe in the knowledge that they are helping the environment with every purchase. The brand is fully vegan approved by PETA. Wilby also use organic and eco friendly materials when possible such as organic cotton and lining, recyclable cloth, eco friendly backing and cork vegan leather.

Peta UK

Vegan fashion – clothes, shoes and accessories that contain no leather, fur, wool, skin, exotic skins or any other animal-derived fabric – is revolutionising the way that we shop and dress.     Greate list of companies who are part of the “PETA-Approved Vegan” programme in Europe.

First and foremost, It’sVeganMade is a blog aimed at people looking for stylish, well made clothing. It just so happens that those people are also vegan.

Award-winning magazine Vegan Food & Living  bring you London’s only vegan catwalk and fashion show

All our products are not only Vegan but have been carefully sourced to satisfy us to their worker friendly credentials.

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Everything within this site is guaranteed to be 100% vegan, and 100% fabulous. Quality ethical and eco-friendly vegan fashion using innovative manufacturing techniques including faux leather, future suede and wonderfelt to ensure style is never compromised. We love designer vegan fashion!!

The most stylish ethical eco fashion site, ever! We offer the best in fairtrade, sustainable and vegan fashion including accessories and shoes.

The original and the best.   They literally changed my life, (and saved my feet) when they opened in 1990 in Brighton.  Animal-friendly vegan shoes, boots etc, 

Vegan | Ethical | Sustainable | Luxury Accessories🌱 🇬🇧FREE SHIPPING & RETURNS over £100

Manufacturers of High Quality Plant-Based Vegan Vegetarian Leather Handbags, Wallets, Belts & Accessories. 


FaceYoga® By Skinyoga LONDON

Glamour UK Award Winner 2021.


Premium Ancient Beauty Secret Skincare & Beauty Tools

We hand prepare to order a unique, diverse range of natural and organic skin care products.

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