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🚌travel adventures 🐷saving animals 

🥕planning a vegan TV travel show 

🪴media and online business growth


Nutrition Coach | Creative | Fitness Instructor | I help busy people lose weight through a plant-based diet.

📍 Stoke-on-Trent

Online Fitness Coach | Sports Nutrition, Personal Training?  Teaching Leaders How To Boost Energy Without Animal Products 🌱 💪


Teaching keyboard, voice, guitar, bass, ukulele, songwriting, and composition.  Loves creating and collaborating on projects that involve magic, optimistic visions of the future, community empowerment...

📍 Stafford

The Sensitive Foodie. I help people transform their health with whole plant foods. Plant-based nutritionist | Accredited courses | Workshops | 121 coaching | Consulting | Author I Networking


That Quirky Freelance Writer ✍🏻 💥 Supports brands with tasty wordy nutrients 🌱  Creative and commercial freelance content writer specialising in SEO optimised blogs and articles on a variety of fun topics.

📍 Bridgend

Naturopath, Aromatherapist, and Nutritionist.  I make nourishing natural skincare for Eczema and Dry Skin Conditions - I also host naturopathic workshops for general health & wellbeing.


I’m living my life’s mission as ‘The Vegan Publisher’ for ethical, sustainable, cruelty-free, eco-conscious and social experts.  We help position you as an authority in your field, boosting your visibility, sales and profits, so together, we can change the world. 

📍 Gateshead

Teaching about vegan foods, fitness, health and lifestyle and many other services from the Vegan Freedom website.


Growing older disgracefully, loving all creatures, teaching, live music, vegan food, the compassion of others and new adventures! 🌱🤘🤗🇬🇧

Sam is a vegan, eco and sustainable food and tourism reviewer, content creator and social media support. Her blog shines a light on vegan and planet focused places to visit.

Magazine founder and PR professional to celebrities in the UK and US, who 11 years ago left Brazil.   Travel across Europe this summer.


Author Artist Activist.  Film and documentary director. Helping you share your story, vision & mission on global podcasts to supercharge your visibility, impact & audience 

🌱Vegan Youtuber

🌿Passionate about veganism & animals 📸Snaps from vegan food outings!!!!!!!!! 🥕

📍  London 

I loves travelling. I have backpacked all over the place (just hit 50 countries). Working with animals as a vetinanary assistant.


Passionate about Vegan Nutrition 🌱


Positive energy. herbal healing

💍  Essential Oil / Jewellery  @bohemian_botanicals22 

🍰  Vegan Desserts @Love_Thy_Dessert

📍 Manchester

My purpose is to support acceleration of the world’s transition to sustainable and regenerative economy. 

My purpose should help collaborate with people, who can support process excellence to deliver performance in the direction of sustainable and regenerative future.

📍 Aberdeen

I wish to make the world sustainable.  I created a framework to improvise existing sustainable and responsible procurement & supply chain methodologies.

📍 Aberdeen

Sustainable living and vegan lifestyle. I'm on my journey to zero waste and trying to live more sustainably 

📍  Somerset

I’ve always been passionate about eating fresh sustainably sourced ingredients. I started designing my own systems to grow vegetables and cooking herbs indoors using hydroponics.

📍  Wimbledon

Love for countryside animals, gardening, cooking. Vegan Blogger, Author & Speaker

📍Devon, Crediton  

👤 Author of Yes Ve-gan 

🅥  Writer. Journalist. Activist 🌱

🗞️ BBC | The Times | Independent | HuffPost | Salon

📍 Bristol, UK

Sharing culinary experiences to inspire people to the green side of the force

🐮Vegan for the animals.    ??🇷Belo Horizonte, Brasil

📍Hull, East Yorkshire

🙌🏼 | Positive news to make vegans smile

😁 | A happy community free for everyone


Animal/Human Rights Advocate/N.G.O Networker/Script Writer (aspiring).

Food photographer. Events @veganfood.photographer


Digital creator 🌱 Vegan Nutrition Coach

🌱 Tropic Skincare Ambassador

Talks about comedy, satire, politics, and pregnancy.  Taking a humouristic look at some serious subjects.


🤤 Eating all the vegan food 🌱 

🌍 Here, there and everywhere!

🐔 For the animals, always ♡


Queen of Fabulicious Fitness 👑🇬🇧

On line coach Helping women Build Curves & Confidence one workout at a time.

I also teach fierce dance classes

Jeremy is an award-winning business trainer, focusing on content marketing solutions and campaign strategy.   Author, editor, publisher and epert on blockchain.

📍 Newcastle upon Tyne

Kindness matters. Vegan for the animals, health and happyness.

📍 Essex

Author of a five star rated vegan children's book.  Influencer.

📍  Esher, Surrey

Vegan author & activist, travel specialist, influencer

📍  London

🌱 vegan x adventure travel x fitness (PCOS)   🧚🏽‍♀️

Dive master and weight lifter  | helping you get free  

📍UK & Sri Lanka

Helping others to thrive is my passion. If there is a way to help your business blossom and create deep, long-lasting connections with your customers I will not rest until the creative, catchy copy has been carefully crafted.     📍  London 

🌱  Vegan for the animals

Model turned Animal Activist

Mummy to rescue babies

📍 London

Vegan Foodie 🌱

Reiki Practioner 🙌

📍  Scotland

Chef and business owner making vegan pies

📍  Newcastle upon Tyne

Multipotentialite | Eclectic Cosmopolitan | Epicurean Stoic Vegan | Founder of

📍  West Norfolk

Run streak since 28/01/19.  sub 2:50 hour Marathon Manchester 22.  Run Leader

Organic Wholefoods 🌱 Vegan for the Animals 🌱

📍Kent, Broadstairs

Dance and wellness classes

Business visionary creating a  prepaid cashback card

📍 West Sussex, Littlehampton


👉  Virtual Assistant

📍  Guildford


👉  proposing a fine dining Vegan desserts Menu, from her experience working in 5* hotels in London, Greece and Lebanon

📍  London / Greece


🇫🇷 • 🏠: London • ❤️ Japan /Asia • ✈ 🇸

🌱 Vegan places in London

📍 London / Asia


👉 Tour guide

🌱  Interests: Veganism, Travelling, Nature, Peace, Wellbeing & Justice

📍 London


🌱   Unashamedly and unapologetically vegan - for the animals 💚 

📍 London


👉  Tour leader 

📍  Brighton


👉  Cook, Presenter & Big Eater 

🎥  Presenter @timeoutlondon 

📍  London 


👉  Senior UX Designer

🌱  helping Animal Equality

👩  Founder @tacnofficial

📍  London / Beijing

Lawyer from Brazil  specialising in criminology online and  focusing on environmental law related to veganism.   Sustainably Produced Clothing🌱


Bringing the power of professional podcasting to the B2B sectors of the food industry.   Seeking to have a positive impact on the world.  International advertising

📍Chelsea, London