Launched in 2018, Animal Think Tank came together as a group of people determined to apply social movement theory and cutting edge strategy to build a broad-based movement for animal freedom.

Since launching, we’ve trained hundreds of changemakers through Movement Building workshops in the UK, US and Canada. We also launched Animal Rebellion, an ally to Extinction Rebellion, who are seeking to push the issue of animal farming and fishing into the environmental movement’s focus.

By 2022/23 we intend to scale into a large team of 20-30 people and launch a mass movement organisation for animal freedom.


Animal Think Tank’s mission is to support the building of a broad-based anti-speciesist movement that has the power, resilience and longevity to ensure all individual animals have their rights to life, liberty and the security of person protected in UK law and embraced by society. We aim to achieve this by organising and mobilising people to engage in constructive work and nonviolent civil disobedience. Alongside this, we aim to assist the strategic direction, capacity and innovation of the wider movement, seeding any needed organisations, and supporting the many others working towards Animal Freedom in their own diverse ways. Our main areas of work include: Movement Building and Unity; Anti-speciesism; Strategy; Narrative Framing; Organising Structures; Culture; Nonviolence; Leadership Development; and Training.

Viva! is the UK’s leading vegan campaigning charity, specialising in undercover investigations and high-profile animal campaigns. Founded in 1994 by Juliet Gellatley, we have spent more than 25 years creating a kinder, more sustainable world for humans and animals alike.

Direct Action Marine Conservation #ForTheOcean

Sea Shepherd UK is a registered marine conservation charity whose primary mission is to end the destruction of habitats and illegal killing of wildlife around the UK's coastline and across the world’s oceans in order to conserve and protect marine ecosystems and species.

Sea Shepherd UK uses innovative direct-action tactics to investigate, document and take action when necessary to expose and confront illegal activities committed against marine wildlife. Sea Shepherd UK also engaging in campaigns to help defend and restore coastal and marine areas. By safeguarding the biodiversity of our delicately balanced oceanic ecosystems, Sea Shepherd UK works to ensure their survival for future generations.

A mass movement to end the climate crisis via a just and sustainable plant-based food system 🌱

Government and big business must tell the truth by declaring animal agriculture to be a leading cause of the climate and ecological emergency.

We believe that farm animals should not and need not suffer.

Working to end hunting for good

Find more information on different types of hunting, and what we are doing to help stop it for good.

Helping dairy farmers transition to producing plant milk & turning their farm into an animal sanctuary. 🐮🌱🥛

Nature is in crisis. Together, we can save it.

We work in the UK and around the world. We carry out conservation work that you can see from space, built from the ground up. We protect habitats, save species, and help to end the nature and climate emergency. We do this through five main work areas: science, species, places, people and policy.

A world where every whale and dolphin is safe and free.

Putting people at the heart of conservation of endangered species and their habitats 🐭🦁🦔🐝🍐🍎🌳 #BringingTheWildBackToLife

Funding innovative animal free research to replace animals in medical research.  Our purpose is to enable scientists to stop using animals in medical research.

Political Organization

Evidence, reason and compassion for all sentient beings.

We work tirelessly to ensure all wild animals, whether living in captivity or the wild, are treated with respect.  We work tirelessly to stop the exploitation and suffering of individual animals living in captivity or in the wild.

From the start, we’ve campaigned for a future where animals and people can co-exist and where threatened and endangered species are protected for generations to come. 

1) free business support to animal charities, and those that support their habitats

2) sanctuary care

3) pet rehoming

4) rewilding 🐷🐬🦊🐯🐴🦋🐶🐱🌳 🐜 🐝

Providing a space for personal and professional development in a variety of animal and enfironmental related fields.  We forst community, facilitate discovery and accelerate career building for people who love animals.  We aim to multiply our positive impact for naimals by focusing on the develpment of animal allies, academics, advocates and activists.

Our vision is that every pet will one day enjoy a healthy life in a happy home. We aim to improve the welfare and quality of life for all pets by developing knowledge, attitudes and behaviours through education. One of the ways in which we do this is through free talks to primary schools and youth groups.

SPANA’s goal is simple: to improve the welfare of working animals in the world’s poorest communities. Through three key areas – treating, training and teaching – we’re inspiring others to act in the best interests of working animals while also providing practical, professional and sustainable solutions today. We recognise that the fortunes of working animals and people go hand in hand: in the developing world, just one working animal can support an extended family of up to 30 people. SPANA’s work improves the lives of working animals while supporting the communities that depend on them.

We The Free (WTF) is a global community focused on defending animals through street and online activism. We focus on positive and inclusive community-building alongside data and analytics to effectively expose violence against animals and cultivate a vegan world.

Animal Rescue

Proud to be the oldest welfare charity around.

We were the first to introduce a law to protect animals and work hard to ensure that all animals can live free from pain and suffering. Through our campaigns we raise standards of care, and awareness of issues, affecting animals today.


A strong, global and independent voice for animals under direct human influence. Our vision is a world where people treat animals with respect, empathy and understanding.

To help animals everywhere in the world by advising organizations, companies and/or individuals on ways to protect them, and providing  information useful for animal rights, animal welfare and any other type of animal advocacy campaigning.

APC is currently comprised of Jordi Casamitjana, a zoologist specialised in animal behaviour who has been involved in different aspects of animal protection for decades.

In addition to scientific research Jordi Casamitjana has mostly worked  as investigator, animal welfare consultant and animal protection campaigner, both freelance and for animal advocacy organizations in different countries.

Join us in the Fight against the Fur Trade

The Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade (CAFT) is a grass-roots organisation, run entirely by unwaged volunteers. Unlike many wealthy, national campaigning groups we rely solely on generous public donations to continue fighting the fur trade.

CAFT has helped regenerate the grass-roots campaign against the fur trade throughout the UK. Through investigations, education, campaigns and demonstrations we have exposed the horror of the fur trade and helped establish and continue many anti-fur actions across Britain. We have filmed undercover in fur farms, lobbied for a ban on fur farming and persuaded countless shops to stop selling real fur.

We also work with anti-fur groups across the world. The fur industry is a global one so our fight against it should work on an international level too. Please join us in the struggle on behalf of fur-bearing animals worldwide. Get actively involved, educate others and support us financially.

 Dedicated to the conservation of primates and their habitats in South and Central America. We aim to promote conservation and protect biodiversity in the Neotropics by working in several ways:

Finding forever homes in the UK for abused and abandoned dogs rescued from the streets of Turkey

Rebound inspires disruptive collaborations to create inclusive opportunities for marginalised dogs and people.   A global ecosystem for social impact through the human-animal bond.

Animal Sanctuaries

The Monkey Sanctuary in Cornwall

Wild Futures is a UK primate welfare and conservation charity rescuing, campaigning, educating and providing sanctuary to primates in need. We also support projects overseas, working to protect primates and habitats worldwide

We’re the place for people who want to make a difference to the lives of foals, horses and ponies.

We currently have almost 40 animals in our care (soon to be 50). Our rescue's have been saved from abuse, neglect or even worse - slaughter. Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic we were in the process of applying to become a registered UK charity however due to a tightening of resources and delays in administration this has now been delayed until spring 2021. 


🐖Animal rescue& sanctuary est.1989-Free entry

🏠1250+animals🐴🐏🐓  🍰Vegan Restaurant

🐄Saving farm animals,horses&wildlife



Those who find their way to us are only a tiny proportion of all animals in need. We know we can’t save every farmed animal – that’s why we work to show everyone that farmed animals deserve our compassion. 

Alongside rescuing animals, we work to change public perception of farmed animals and encourage people to reduce their consumption of animal products.


My flock of woolly friends Wimborne Dorset

Rescued sheep now safe🐑❤️much loved🐑❤️looked after in their forever meadow home🐑❤️vegan🌱


Working by all peaceful means, for an end to animal cruelty.

They have a great list of animal sanctuaries.   Sections of vegan lifestyle and recipes.

The organisation is a ‘not-for-profit’ Limited Company run by a voluntary Council of Management. We have chosen not to register as a charity, since this could restrict our political campaigning.

Set amongst the woodland of Dorset lays 65 acres of sanctuary for over 250 primates. Monkey World was set up in 1987 by Jim Cronin to provide abused Spanish beach chimps with a permanent, stable home. Today Monkey World works in conjunction with foreign governments from all over the world to stop the illegal smuggling of apes out of Africa and Asia. At the park visitors can see over 250 primates of more than 20 different species.

Enjoy great days at the seaside. Control interactive live cameras to zoom in on amazing local wildlife. Plus Seabird Café, gift shop and seasonal boat trips.

We are a conservation and education charity. 

We are a farm animal sanctuary located on a beautiful 10 acre site in rural Kent, UK. We were established in 1994 and in the following 25 years we estimate that we have rescued upward of 2000 animals. Our mission is to offer a lifelong, no-kill, free-roaming, safe-haven to unwanted, neglected and abused non-human animals, while educating about animals, veganism and ecological sustainability.

Our farm offers many opportunities to engage with. Daily volunteering involves working with animals and helping out in the gardens. Schools from near and far also come to one of our guided tours/workshops, where we also offer bespoke courses and tours. The farm is a great place to hold parties for all ages but make a booking and check dates as we get very busy. You can of course always visit for free 6 days a week, Tuesday – Sunday. Enjoy our gardens and meet the rare breed farm animals.


The Donkey Sanctuary was founded in 1969 by Elisabeth Svendsen, MBE. Since then, they have made a profound difference to the lives of donkeys and people all over the world.

📍Sidmouth, Devon

The Farm Animal Sanctuary provides a forever home to over 600 animals who have been rescued from slaughter, abuse or neglect. We receive no government funding and rely on the generosity of people like you to help us, help them.

Situated in the Broadwater Forest near Tunbridge Wells in Kent, Folly Wildlife Rescue Trust is a charity dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of injured, orphaned and distressed wild animals and birds throughout West Kent, East Sussex and the surrounding region.

Every year, thousands of wildlife casualties are treated after being injured in accidents involving some form of human activity, such as entanglement in plastic netting, fencing or fishing line, road traffic accidents, injury caused by garden machinery, poisoning, shooting and attack by domestic cats and dogs, to name just a few. In some species, such as the hedgehog, these accidents are exacting a heavy toll, which combined with loss of habitat and increasing urbanization, are bringing them ever closer to extinction.

FRIEND is a farm animal sanctuary with nearly 200 animals. They find their way here through being unwanted, abused, neglected or abandoned. The sanctuary offers a free roaming (as far as possible and safe) home to pigs, chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, cows, goats, sheep and one alpaca who thinks he’s a sheep, on a 10 acre site nestled in between the orchards and hop farms of rural Kent. We began over 25 years ago, founded by  Marion Eaton, dedicated activist and warrior who sadly passed away in 2016.

FRIEND Farm Animal Sanctuary is run with an ethical vegan philosophy of education about animal welfare and the need for a world of compassion to all its inhabitants, fauna and flora alike. As well as educating visitors about the animals, we are working to make the sanctuary an example of ecological sustainability, for example planting native trees, rewilding and growing food.

The Fox Project is a registered charity dedicated to the Red Fox

Established in 1991 as a specialist Wildlife Information Bureau,  Fox Deterrence Consultancy, it has incorporated  a Wildlife Hospital since 1993 which, today, admits and treats over 1000 foxes per year, including 250 cubs. It appears regularly on TV, radio and other media, both in the UK and internationally, has received awards from RSPCA, International Fund for Animal Welfare, media and TV and is honoured to have Chris Packham and Anneka Svenska as Patrons.

The Wildlife Information Bureau – 01892 824111 (weekdays – hours as per homepage) – regularly advises national and local government and all areas of the media as well as providing information to the public on all aspects of the Red Fox.  Its establishment was in response to an obvious requirement for science-based information on a species previously held up as ‘good’ by animal welfare groups and ‘bad’ by self-interested bloodsports organisations, both of whose advice was too often tailored to their preferred half of the story.

Tiggywinkles is the world’s busiest wildlife hospital rescuing and rehabilitating British wildlife. 

Every year in Britain over five million wild animals and birds are injured as a direct result of their encounters with man and man's world.

Tiggywinkles, The Wildlife Hospital Trust, is a specialist hospital. Thanks to donations, we are a free service. Using the best veterinary care available, we are dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating all species of British wildlife. Since opening our doors over 300,000 patients have received treatment at Tiggywinkles. On our busiest day we can have over 1,600 patients on site!

All British wild animal casualties brought to the hospital are treated completely free of charge and are released through a controlled programme, back to the wild, when they are fully fit.

Every casualty is given a chance, we only ever use euthanasia as a last resort. Any animal or bird unable to be released back to the wild is maintained at the Hospital, in as natural conditions as possible. Every creature matters.

Veterinary treatment is carried out by an amazing team of highly trained wildlife and veterinary nurses and specialist consultant veterinary surgeons. This enables us to give our patients ground breaking treatment and the best possible care. Our veterinary team has pioneered much of the treatment now used for wildlife throughout the World. Our expertise and knowledge on all species is shared globally.

Over the years we have perfected techniques for hedgehogs, badgers, deer and other species and have a commitment to passing on this information through books, papers, courses and lectures to veterinary schools. The sharing of our treatments and techniques are helping many millions of casualties across the world, most of which are now being looked after thanks to the positive attitude of Tiggywinkles.

We don't receive government or lottery funding sadly, so we rely on legacies and donations from the public and a handful of Trusts. Every penny helps us to help them.

Safe haven & forever home to unwanted/abused animals. Founded by @earthlinged & @surgeactivism 🤍

We are a newly established animal sanctuary located on an 18 acre site in the rural Midlands of England.

Our mission is to offer a lifelong, no-kill, safe haven and forever home to abused and unwanted animals. 

Animal Rights Groups

We are an abolitionist vegan animal rights group. We follow an abolitionist stance and do not support welfarism or speciesism in any shape or form. Our goal is to completely eliminate the use, misuse and abuse of animals in society.

Research & Politics

Systemic reforms are essential to sensitise government to animal protection.

Our research shows that a package of systemic reforms is essential to transform the government machine to one that values animal welfare and compassionate public opinion. This will not be easy to achieve, but the sooner animal advocates begin to work at this level, the sooner these vital fundamental changes will happen.

The Animal Interfaith Alliance (AIA) is a unique alliance of faith based, animal advocacy organisations which represents all the major faiths. It speaks out on the moral treatment of animals by drawing on the combined wisdom of all faiths, and it promotes social harmony by bringing the faith groups together on an issue they all share a concern for. AIA’s activities include animal advocacy and education.