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Becoming a best-selling author has never been so easy!

I’m Mitali – a 100% vegan publisher, and my programs transform Vegan, Ethical, and Sustainable business owners or entrepreneurs into bestselling authors.

Bestselling books effortlessly attract ideal clients, investors, and speaking opportunities, and even gain national and international press attention.

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We list businesses, initiatives, linkedin groups, NGOs, charities, etc who supports at least one of following 23 criteria

1. Sustainable    2. Ethical     3. Environmental    4. Social     5 . Eco-Friendly      6 . Green    7 . Organic    8 . Natural       9 . Circular Economy    10. Regenerative Economy    11. Zero Waste    12. Recycle – Repurpose – Refurbish – Reuse – Repair – Recover – Reduce.    13. Rent instead of purchase.   14. Share instead of purchase     15. Fair-trade     16. Vegan    17. Plastic-free     18. Safety     19. Health or Healthy     20. Cultural     21. Carbon Emission     22. Animal Cruelty Free     23. Used, Pre-owned, Second Hand or Re-sale

Content Creation

Kill ‘Em with Content.

Head Shot Content can resurrect your bland n’ boring copy and make it killer. 

Founded by content writer and author Laurie Canciani, Head Shot Content creates game-changing blogs, articles, web copy, ebooks, marketing copy and all the super cool stuff that gives small, independent, and ethical businesses an edge over the competition.

Take your business to the next level with carefully considered copy

Ready to take your business to the next level? Want to increase sales, expand the services you offer or drive more traffic to your business but just don’t seem to have the words?  Let me do the talking (well writing) for you.  

Help grow your business and connect with your target audience through professionally written copy. 

📍Freelance Copywriter, UK

Communication Strategy | Brand Identity | Creative Campaigns | Digital Content | Sustainable Brands

Together, WeARE the change we want to see in the world and pass onto the next generation

WePRIDE ourselves to work with forward-thinking entrepreneurs

The old model of doing profit just for doing profit is dead. Today, the audiences you interact with want to know you’re doing well by doing good. They want you to help them do good for people and planet through your products and services. Embedding sustainability into your brand vision is now key. It will impact your brand perception and whether people choose your brand or not, while creating lasting brand legacy you can be proud of.   

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Bringing You UK’s Finest Vegan Friendly Wedding Suppliers.

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🌱 Empowering vegan activists worldwide by funding and supporting outreach activities 

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