Our Vegan Media Agency

We are a full service media marketing agency and offer consulting on all aspects of vegan business.

Our international team know the language, the culture and the technology. Project management including branding, campaigning, engineering, web site creation, social media management, SEO and analytics.   Create the right image with content that looks and sounds professional; language and style are important.   Ensure you are reaching the right people and turning leads into sales.

Virtual Assistant

VA’s are a cost effective, efficient and flexible alternative to your administration and secretarial needs.  Because they work independently, there are no overheads as with permanent employees.  VA’s can provide a variety of skills and expertise which you may not have direct access to. 


Founder of Your Vegan Bookkeeper, specialising in supporting vegan and ethical businesses in the UK and further afield.

Our sole purpose is to show you how your finances can work in a much better way for you and your business through online bookkeeping, accountancy and advisory services. 

With many years of knowledge and experience, we know what strategies work and what doesn't. This knowledge allow us to accelerate growth, sustainably and profitably through educating business owners as to what the numbers in their business actually mean, what can be done in a better way and gives them the insight to be able to plan and make the very best decisions.

Jeremy is a seasoned marketing expert. He's the Founder of Contentifai Ltd: The Next-Generation Content Marketing Combining Human Expertise and AI. In his latest AI content marketing agency venture, he's building the next generation of AI content marketing using the latest AI innovations to produce outstanding results for clients, brands, and users.

Above all, he looks for innovative ways to use AI to enhance content and produce results for users, and not as a replacement for quality writing. Visit our website to learn more.